Utah Real Estate Post-Licensing Course: Utah 12-Hour New Agent Course

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Utah Post-Licensing COURSE

Utah Post-Licensing:Utah 12-Hour New Agent Course

Utah 12-Hour New Agent Course

12 Total hours
0 Elective hours
12 Mandatory hours

Successful completion of your prelicense education earned you your license. But now that you're in the business, post-license education will help you become the professional you want to be.

This course provides a foundation for the legal and ethical obligations inherent in your role as a real estate licensee. You'll review agency disclosure, fiduciary duties, ethics, communication, elements of a sales contract, valuation, federal fair housing and antitrust laws, and Utah statutes and administrative rules.

This course provides 12 hours of instruction in agency law, ethics, professionalism, contracts, proper pricing, and federal and state laws affecting real estate. This course is required of all new real estate agents (licensed July 1, 2007 – present) in order to renew their licenses in Utah. 

Course topics:

  • Working with forms and contracts
  • Pricing properties
  • Ethics in practice
  • State and federal laws impacting your role
  • Activities and scenarios to reinforce key concepts